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Dentistry Department

Dental health is just as important in animals as it is in people.

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Surgical Operations

Our Veterinarians have over 20 years combined experience in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

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Rehabilitation Medicine

As a new field in Veterinary Medicine, Rehab and Physiotherapy can help your pet with mobility issues, pre-surgical and post-surgical recovery.

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Nutrition and Behavior Counselling

Nutrition and good manners are an important part of having a healthy and happy pet.

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From Our Gallery

Puppies every where lately and we couldn't love it more! Jackson started his vaccines and was to busy eating a chew to even notice he got them. He is a pointer and Labrador cross. Too cute and very busy
Bacon got many treats and made a new friend named Willa.
We had our very talkative but adorable Wesley come in today to recheck his teeth after his dental.
We got to see our Sassy senior Mya for a physical exam. All though she was a little bit talkative she was a lovely lady!
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer was in for his puppy boosters. He is a Wheaton Terrier and is too cute. He loves snuggles too.
Look at these cute kittens from the Fraser Valley Humane Society. They were spayed and can go to their new homes soon.
Baloo is healing well after coming in with a sore paw. Keep up the good work buddy
Little Miss Pheobe came in for her first ever visit today. She is a super cute 11 week old doberman puppy and we can't wait to watch her grow into those feet! See you in a few weeks for your boosters little one.
Joe says, "Wake up little buddy, it's time to play". Joe likes to share his warmth with the surgery patients while they wake up
Update on Anna. It has been one year since she appeared at our door in a police car. She was in shock, with a broken leg and pelvis, lung bruising, and head trauma. Officer Rachel, citizens from all over the Pacific northwest, and of course our staff donated to give her a fighting chance. Here she is one year later in her fur-ever home with Officer Rachel and her family.


Thank you to mission veterinary hospital for the amazing experience. You guys made both jadis and I very comfortable. I had a great experience and jadis loves you guys but isn’t quite ready to say her experience was great. 😉 getting spayed is hard. But she can’t wait to see you all again!

Branae B
Branae B

Excellent service, I give the staff 5* and I also give the vet 5* . The Vet recommend to run test on my Cat but was not pushy and did not make me feel bad that I was on a budget and only ran test that were really needed that day.

Amanda B
Amanda B

Very kind and friendly staff, my kitten and I both had a very positive experience and we will be coming back for all our pet needs! We also have a dog that has been in for services and it was also a lovely experience

Kaitlan D
Kaitlan D